Embracing Digital Transformation

embracing digital transformation

It is no surprise that the pandemic has made the commercial real estate industry, mainly characterized by physical locations, flip the script and implement new strategies in order to avoid being left behind. As many companies easily shifted their operations online, the industry needs to become flexible and adapt to the digital transformation the world is facing.

With the aim of staying competitive when the global commercial situation is still up in the air, the commercial real estate sector should embrace emerging technologies and focus on providing the customer with digital and dynamic experiences in which they represent the main participant. Book A Corner firmly believes that using technology smartly allows companies to delegate tasks such as filling out forms, filing important documents and retrieving valuable data whenever necessary, and using spare time to handle more demanding issues themselves.

Our software helps companies to digitalize their leasing process, offering personalized service to customers, allowing them to implement faster response times and, consequently, improve productivity through the system. This way, both customers and employees take advantage from our digital tool. Digital transformation goes hand in hand with the access to information, as commercial real estate managers, retailers, and investors make use of databases that gather information from several sources. However, to avoid this process from becoming complex and intricate, our system provides a single source of data that guarantees seamless access for employees and efficient processes for customers.

As useful as this may already seem, technology and digital transformation offer even more benefits to the industry of commercial real estate. The automation of processes leads to cost savings and, more importantly, simplifies the relationship with customers and makes them feel closer to the company: the system keeps everything trackable, digitizes contracts, payments and invoicing and allows the companies to open a fast, direct and fluent communication channel with clients.

Making the most of this new digital era also means giving place to new ways of communication. Not being able to organize in-person events during the pandemic, it is fundamental to develop new ways of interaction between companies and customers —and this interaction should be aimed at diminishing the distance between them.

Luckily, at this point in time we count on a huge range of platforms and mobile devices that encourage companies to be present in many different ways. We can use portal and community technologies to keep customers up to date with changes, send leasing documents safely, provide a more direct channel to request services, maintenance and information, communicate new offers and deals, and much more. Possibilities are endless!

Finally, digital resources give companies the ability to measure progress and evaluate their workflow by analyzing past experiences, data and reports, and comparing them with the expected achievements. There is no doubt that organizations can only benefit from knowing what works best. Thus, they learn from past mistakes and successes to make more intelligent decisions in the future.

To sum up, Book A Corner provides a digital transformation tool that boosts commercial real estate performance. Customized experiences, digital and dynamic processes, automation tools and efficient systems, to name a few, ensure impressive results that lead to complete success. Join us in this exciting journey to digital transformation and take the lead on your industry!

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