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The best way to celebrate achievements is sharing them and that is why we are proud to announce that Book A Corner is part of the Ranking of the most innovative startups in Spain in 2021. El Referente published the second of these reports, having previously contacted more than 150 agents of who, for the initial phase of the selection process, had to choose the three most promising startups in Spain. This selection has exceeded 200 companies. Of all of them, the newspaper has shortlisted a total of 150 startups according to the following conditions:

  • They are companies created in Spain and a Spanish founder is part of them
  • They were founded in the last three years (from 2018 to 2021)
  • They raised a maximum of € 1m of investment
  • They had an innovative or disruptive component and a scalable business model

Book A Corner is part of the Ranking of the most innovative startups in Spain in 2021

In phase two, a jury of nine analysts from different Spanish investment funds studied most of the companies and presented its own ranking with the 75 most innovative startups. They assigned a score to each company and the accumulated score served to create the second Ranking of the 100 most innovative startups in Spain in 2021.

In Book A Corner, founded by Gastón Ortíz, Carlos Escartín, Juan Martín Seijo and Maximiliano José Aragón, we are committed to keep digitizing the rental of spaces in shopping centres through our software that encompasses the whole process of leasing spaces, from commercialization to management. We offer a combination between a specialized CRM and a white-label platform for the commercialization of any type of space (shops, kiosks, stands, advertising, etc).

We are committed to keep digitizing the leasing of spaces in shopping centres through our software

The company started in 2019 as a marketplace for retailers and, with the arrival of the pandemic in 2020, it had to cancel all their operations. However, thanks to a proposal from several of the largest owners of shopping malls in Europe, Book A Corner is back on track. In that moment, we decided to pivot and digitize the complete leasing process and make use of our differential value: technological implementations and a deep understanding of the industry.

Book A Corner’s clients are large real estate companies (both managers and owners). The main one at present is CBRE, the largest Real Estate company in the world, whose business model is based on the implementation of the software.

Congratulations to our excellent team and thank you for being part of this great path of professional and personal growth. We will continue specializing and developing new approaches to keep growing and offering the best of services!

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