Stores may pop and go, but specialty leasing has come to stay

specialty leasing

Specialty leasing implies setting up a temporary pop-up store, for instance, in shopping centers, office buildings or large supermarkets. It provides an excellent opportunity to reach your final consumer directly in a creative, unique and original way.

Most brands are already embracing this trend to advertise their products and services in a different format. Specialty leasing does not necessarily imply a grand investment and, in turn, it can create quite an impact ―whenever it is planned and performed accordingly.

An original, innovative pop-up store, kiosc, small exhibition or even promotional stand may become viral if it provides value for the visitor. Since the place is limited, so is the opportunity to wow a potential client, but the possibilities of experiences you can offer through specialty leasing are actually endless. For instance, setting up an advertising stand for special holidays or during relevant dates ―such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday― with games, prizes or special discounts could attract new people and also raise brand awareness.

Short and sweet

Another important feature of specialty leasing is their temporary nature. Considering they will not be part of the shopping centre or building for a long time, they may easily adapt to different company needs. Be it an e-commerce store willing to try a physical experience or a brand willing to introduce itself in a new city, the wide range of options for specialty leasing can satisfy all demands. They are also great for seasonal services and products!

One of the keys to success is reviewing thoroughly which is the best place to locate your pop-up store or exhibition. Time is also of the essence, not only the duration of this marketing effort but also the date it will appear. Nonetheless, the most important feature is the feel of your new place, how your brand will be perceived by the new audience and what you will have to offer.

Remember: specialty leasing is a powerful tool that can make a great impact for your brand. But this will only happen if you prioritise the visitor’s experience and not the commercial gain. An impressive pop-up store, a unique experience or a state-of-the-art exhibition will definitely turn every conversation into organic advertising for your company. Let’s start developing your specialty leasing strategy!

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