Specialty leasing is gaining ground

specialty leasing

For the last year, specialty leasing has shown a steady success and it is clear this tendency has come to stay. Even though traditional markets prioritised long-term contracts and conservative transactions, shopping malls are witnessing a great shift in the retail strategy. Now, specialty leasing increases by 12% in shopping centers.

The commercial real estate industry is facing a growing interest in specialty leasing

This innovative leasing option allows brands to have direct contact with their potential customers. Specialty leasing operations also grant retailers the opportunity to broaden their options and even customise their offer taking into account the needs and preferences of the parties.

The possibilities are almost endless: these spaces can become a selling stand, a curated exhibition, a roadshow, a sensorial experience for branding purposes, a sample testing effort, marketing events, etc. They are a breath of fresh air for the space, since they are dynamic experiences. Hence, potential customers may encounter different scenarios each time they visit the location —which usually translates as people excited to come back.

Be it a well-known brand or a new company entering the market, a new original customer experience can make potential clients remember its name for a long time

Not only did the leasing scene change, but also evolve through new technologies. For instance, most marketing efforts now include mobile apps or media; and pretty soon virtual reality and holograms will become more familiar. It is safe to assume that avant-garde techniques will easily catch the attention of consumers and make traditional billboards look dull.

Currently, consumers know they may encounter new activities, proposals or even products they have never seen each time they visit the shopping mall. This wow factor makes the shopping event more interesting and alluring. Having huge companies signing specialty leasing contracts also proves that this new path needs to be considered by all brands.

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