Omnichannel strategy and its importance in the industry

Omnichannality is a concept that is increasingly present in the commercial real estate industry and has been highlighted even more since the appearance of the COVID-19 pandemic. But what does it imply and why is it so present in today’s companies? To put it simply, it consists of a multichannel approach to sales that focus, more than anything, on providing a seamless customer experience both while the customer is shopping online and in a physical store.

According to the results of an analysis carried out by Rethink, omnichannality became a main strategy in shopping malls since the pandemic: 90% of the people who were part of the surveys indicated that they consider it a fundamental concept. And these results could not have been more accurate, as omnichannality allows brands to get closer to their customers while adapting to the different platforms and devices that we can access today.

Among the different approaches included in this sales and marketing strategy, we can find e-commerce, online orders, Customer Relationship Management, retailer systems, shopping apps and many more. Likewise, it is important to establish a sales strategy and incorporate new technological skills. What is surprising is that, despite the interest that respondents to the surveys showed in omnichannality, only 10% indicated that they had a solid strategy to implement it in their companies, while 20% indicated that they were starting the implementation process. For this reason, we consider that this is the perfect time to get down to work and begin to lay the foundations in order to move steadily towards a successful outcome.

Steps to a successful omnichannel strategy

To advance down this path, it is critical to understand that having a well-thought-out strategy that guarantees good results is far better than trying to win the race and rush, only to get mediocre results. This strategy can be present throughout different stages on the commercial process:

Firstly, in order to improve sales, it is recommended to set clear goals in the short, medium and long term, and brainstorm strategies to retain customers taking into account the different digital channels that can be used as means of communication. In the past, the user had a single contact with the product or service through the TV or an advertisement and when they went to the store, they could solve their doubts and buy it. Today, we can take advantage of the wide variety of digital tools available, such as blogs, social networks, web pages, apps, newsletters and platforms, which have become reference channels for searching for information on products and services.

Secondly, logistics is another crucial stage in which the company must adapt to the customers’ new demands and needs. Therefore, if the sales service demonstrates an omnichannel-digital evolution, it is vitally important for logistics to reflect the same characteristic. For example, organizations can offer a successful consumer experience by including a picking service, personal deliveries, reverse logistics, no freight charge and, essentially, constant communication throughout the whole delivery journey, from the moment the product is shipped until it reaches the customer’s hands, through apps or chats. Remember: connectivity is key!

Thirdly, After-sales service must show the customer that their opinion is the most important thing for the brand. In that sense, the company can send satisfaction surveys by email, ads about products similar to the one they bought, or it can even make use of interactive surveys of social media stories such as Facebook or Instagram, the favorite ones among people from all ages. All ideas are welcome!

In conclusion, omnichannality is a marketing and sales strategy that allows companies to grow closer to their customers. With the aim of incorporating this approach into the commercial process, all the channels and digital devices that allow communication with customers must be taken into account. Stay informed about the most popular platforms and establish a close relationship with your audience!

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