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Learn about the advantages of ‘Specialty Leasing’ applied to this format

The footfall of shopping malls, fully recovered from the ravages caused by the pandemic, has boosted their capacity as showcases for brand promotion. This has been confirmed by experts from CBRE’s Property Management Specialty Leasing area during an event held at the Xanadú Shopping Center in Arroyomolinos (Madrid).

Specialty leasing, which consists of offering the different brands the possibility of coming into direct contact with the visitors of these shopping spaces to inform them about their purpose and activities, is very topical.

Whether from children’s entertainment areas to food & beverage product tastings, sample delivery points, or personalized pop-up stores for seasonal sales, Specialty Leasing is a powerful channel for advertisers’ strategies.

«Promotion through these spaces and digital media contributes to sales while favoring contact with new customers, stimulates commitment with current ones, and is extraordinary for presenting new product lines,» says the national director of Property Management of CBRE Spain, Soledad López-Cerón.

Retailers, for their part, are fully aware of the positive role that physical experiences play in enhancing their parallel sales strategies both offline and online. In fact, in a recent CBRE study, 64% affirm that the physical presence of a store increases online sales within its local area of ​​influence.

On the other hand, the optimization of spaces in the shopping center is a proposal of added value and innovation for customers who always see their shopping experience extended.

«Shopping centers thus expand their current commercial offerings and enrich their business model with a variety of options that also favor brands,» says López-Cerón.

Successful promotions

The directive explains that CBRE’s Property Management area manages more than two million square meters spread over the 53 shopping centers in Spain and Portugal that form part of its portfolio, where some 300 million people spend.

«We have digital tools for measuring traffic by zones, time slots, and types of establishment that are key for retailers to make the best decisions when promoting their products,» she says.

López-Cerón also points out specific examples of activity sectors that have been able to take advantage of Specialty Leasing in an especially intelligent way: «from lifestyle campaigns to promote spirits and technological products, to pop-up stores selling screen-printed t-shirts,» she says.

At this point, the real estate consultant advises each brand on the client profile of each of its assets, which is decisive in choosing the most suitable for the development of the different campaigns, as well as the best strategies for them.

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