Partners in crime transformation: how tech companies will transform CRE

“The real estate industry needs an absolute transformation. The old solutions are no longer fit for our new situation, we need new tools. I think the real estate world is going to undergo enormous changes soon. And there is a major opportunity for technology companies today.” Collaboration is vital in this new digital era. David […]

Digitising the commercial real estate industry

Digital transformation does not happen overnight. It takes resources, planning, collaboration and, most importantly, intent. Clearly, the new era imposes digital solutions, which can improve on businesses main drivers: income generation and asset appreciation. These tools will not only help companies improve their specialty leasing processes, but are already changing how the market is conceived. […]

Taking change by the horns

We are used to witnessing change as the years go by, but the current context has drastically accelerated many processes. Two major things can be deduced: retailers need to be aware of the disruption these changes have brought into the industry and they should also be on the alert to new trends so they can […]

From Physical Stores to Digital Presence and Vice Versa

In this world of technology and digitization, we often notice physical brands that decide to start having an online presence in order to reach a larger audience. However, this time we will go the opposite way: what are the reasons behind digitally native brands deciding to implement a physical footprint? In recent years, digital brands […]

Are Shopping Centers Dying?

Are shopping centers dying is a common question that professionals from the shopping center industry usually make themselves. In the new digital era, driven by e-commerce and technological innovation that makes it easier for everyone to get products, this question takes a more significant role. Yet, the most important aspect of this new era that […]

Why digital transformation is essential for business growth?

Digital transformations are entering the working environment at exponential speed, bringing the change organizations need to get by as well as flourish. Joint effort between companies, present day methods of connecting with the client base, more development inside the labor force itself, and the capacity to draw important experiences from caught information, are only a […]