Taking change by the horns

We are used to witnessing change as the years go by, but the current context has drastically accelerated many processes. Two major things can be deduced: retailers need to be aware of the disruption these changes have brought into the industry and they should also be on the alert to new trends so they can […]

From Physical Stores to Digital Presence and Vice Versa

In this world of technology and digitization, we often notice physical brands that decide to start having an online presence in order to reach a larger audience. However, this time we will go the opposite way: what are the reasons behind digitally native brands deciding to implement a physical footprint? In recent years, digital brands […]

Time to shuffle the cards and keep playing

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On this occasion, we are pleased to present the testimony of Gaetano Graziano, Deputy Executive Chairman “ADCC-Italia” Retail Real Estate Leasing & Shopping Centre Manager, Italy. Graziano shares his thoughts on the scenario real estate will face after the pandemic, new challenges and strategies to overcome them, and the incorporation of digital processes in companies. […]

Real Estate and Digital Transformation: A One-way Path


Miren Tellería, Strategy Responsible at PwC Real Estate, shares her point of view regarding the challenges that the real estate industry will have to overcome from now on, the role of digital transformation in this process and the different types of assets in the sector. In addition, she discusses her expectations for the future of […]

A change of focus: Putting the spotlight on consumer experience

A change of focus: Putting the spotlight on consumer experience

Over the last months, we have witnessed an important transformation in terms of the way to do business and a particular shift to the consumer experience has taken place in the retail industry. Join us and explore with us the critical signals of change that are currently influencing the global retail environment and the changes […]

The PropTech Market: On the top of the Real Estate world

After the last years of collective experience with COVID-19, the Real Estate industry is increasingly incorporating technology in its processes. Because of the lockdown, the real estate leaders had to rethink how physical assets are built and operated, while the construction sector has been trying to improve safety trends. Now that the bridge between real […]