The perks of having physical stores

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We are constantly discussing the advantages of online shopping and e-commerce, but we should not forget about the importance of physical stores. Definitely having many options only a click away is really attractive, yet in-store operations also boost sales and brand awareness.

One thing is for sure: after the covid-29 pandemic, physical stores will definitely evolve. Thus, the retail industry must communicate how this will work and leverage on the advantages of meeting people face-to-face. Physical has still a lot to offer and your business strategy should make the most of its benefits. Here are some examples of how in-store operations can really benefit consumers and attract more sales:

Using the 5 senses. Physical stores allow you to rely not only on the visual aspect, but also include olfactory, auditory and tactile stimuli. Who has not associated a clothing brand with a particular smell, for instance? Traditional stores can evolve into sensory experiences that will attract new customers and keep them coming back. We invite you to play with these details that your potential customers will definitely remember and associate with your brand. While visiting your store, people should have a great time that will set it apart from online shopping.

Playing with product placement and combinations. Regarding the visual experience, even though e-commerce allows many possibilities, it is important you consider thoroughly how you place your products and how this describes your vision. It may seem irrelevant, but the spatial analysis of shelving and the design of your store helps maximize its capacity and its visual message. Plus, you can combine specific products together to give new ideas to your clients.

Providing the product directly. If you constantly check your product stock, clients will be excited about taking your products home as soon as they buy them. No possible delivery delays, no mailing problems, just what they want when they want it.

Customising the sale. If your customer visits your physical store, they can actually see how each product is and know what to expect. Many times, online shopping triggers expectations that are not met and then problems arise. Colours and sizes will always be easier to see in physical stores, so you should emphasise this if you deal with particular colours, for instance.

Embracing the human side. Even though chatbots and online customer service are extremely helpful, they will always be colder than human interaction. Therefore, in-store staff should be really warm, inviting and also knowledgeable about your products and vision. A trained, motivated team and welcoming experience will also have a huge impact on potential customers.

Take all these benefits into account, don’t forget about the importance of online shopping as well and maximise your business strategy to cover all possibilities!

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