Not only a useful tool: technology can be your everyday ally

Real estate has always been a traditional sector, but now every industry has adopted digital solutions to boost agility, transparency and effectiveness. The digitization path is beginning and the sooner CRE parties embrace it, the more they will succeed. We know innovative solutions may seem hard to use, but we should see technology as a […]

The PropTech Market: On the top of the Real Estate world

After the last years of collective experience with COVID-19, the Real Estate industry is increasingly incorporating technology in its processes. Because of the lockdown, the real estate leaders had to rethink how physical assets are built and operated, while the construction sector has been trying to improve safety trends. Now that the bridge between real […]

Why is it time to implement a specialty leasing management software?

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How could you know when it is time to implement this powerful technology in your company? The short answer is now. However, if you are still not sure whether your business is ready, here are eight reasons that you should keep in mind when implementing a specialty leasing and asset management software: 1.  Optimization of […]