Working together towards a common vision

We are very excited to announce that we continue our digitization journey by becoming part of the Revo Community and the French Council of Shopping Centers (CNCC), two of the largest associations of shopping centers in Europe.

Let’s meet them in more detail!


Revo Community supports the interests and values of the whole retail, leisure, and placemaking real estate community, and is the forum for its members to network, share experience, provoke thinking and lead the evolution of the built environment.

Working together with Revo, we want to improve and shape the retail industry to keep growing, adapting to new trends and the digitization process.

As they usually say, it’s time to move onwards and upwards

Definitely, there are many innovations to come. Digital processes are now more essential than ever, and little by little all enterprises will benefit from them. This is just the beginning, and we are excited to help the Revo community to drive the industry forward.


The French Council of Shopping Centers (CNCC), a benchmark organization created in 1983, brings together all industry professionals: developers, owners, managers, brands, service providers and groups of traders.

Highlighting the importance of advocating the interests of the retail and real estate players

We share our actions and vision by simplifying the process to get the desired results, and establish a better relationship between landlords and tenants. 

Joining forces with these two relevant associations, we strongly reaffirm our commitment towards the industry improvement through digitization.

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