From Physical Stores to Digital Presence and Vice Versa

In this world of technology and digitization, we often notice physical brands that decide to start having an online presence in order to reach a larger audience. However, this time we will go the opposite way: what are the reasons behind digitally native brands deciding to implement a physical footprint? In recent years, digital brands […]

Specialty leasing is gaining ground

specialty leasing

For the last year, specialty leasing has shown a steady success and it is clear this tendency has come to stay. Even though traditional markets prioritised long-term contracts and conservative transactions, shopping malls are witnessing a great shift in the retail strategy. Now, specialty leasing increases by 12% in shopping centers. The commercial real estate […]

The perks of having physical stores

specialty leasing, pop up stores, physical stores

We are constantly discussing the advantages of online shopping and e-commerce, but we should not forget about the importance of physical stores. Definitely having many options only a click away is really attractive, yet in-store operations also boost sales and brand awareness. One thing is for sure: after the covid-29 pandemic, physical stores will definitely […]