PinUp Casino India: Mobile Gaming Convenience And ₹25,000 Bonus

Содержимое Pin Up Casino Bonus Offers: Seasonal Promotions Tips For Efficient Pin Up Casino Login Management Pin Up Casino Mobile App: User Interface Overview Diverse Categories Exclusive Titles Pin Up Casino Registration: Benefits Of Membership Design Features User Interaction Pin Up Casino Bonus: Maximizing Your Rewards Pin Up Casino App Vs. Browser Version Comparison Deposit […]

Retail Predictions 2023

Changes in the retail terrain have been drastic over the last few years. As consumer prospects evolve, so must the client experience.   As the integration of the digital and physical world continues, brands need to evolve to catch up. By constantly redefining the way we shop and anticipating the trends for the future, brands can […]

Why are pop-up stores successful wherever they go?

Brands have decided to bet on pop-up stores to promote their products for a certain period of time. They are characterized by their exclusive character and strategic location but generally tend to be smaller. Fruit of putting the focus on the customer The success of these new establishments is rooted in the rise of the […]

Shopping centres, storefronts for brands.

specialty leasing, pop up stores, physical stores

Learn about the advantages of ‘Specialty Leasing’ applied to this format The footfall of shopping malls, fully recovered from the ravages caused by the pandemic, has boosted their capacity as showcases for brand promotion. This has been confirmed by experts from CBRE’s Property Management Specialty Leasing area during an event held at the Xanadú Shopping […]

A journey to real estate’s future

Craig Hughes, CEO Partnerships of The Instant Group, shares his views on the challenges and opportunities commercial real estate is currently facing. At a time when technology and data have a lot to offer, businesses should focus on leveraging useful data to really understand consumers’ needs and expectations. Hughes is very optimistic about the future […]

Physical Stores Moved the Needle in the Retail Industry and are Here to Stay

Quite contrary to what one might think after the pandemic that put the commercial world and the retail industry in check, e-commerce will not be the only way to shop from now on. Physical stores will not lose the prominence they have had throughout history. In fact, so far this year, retailers have opened more […]

All hail the metaverse

Since Mark Zuckerberg presented the evolution of Facebook as Meta, this term has been present in many conversations. To be precise, metaverse generally refers to the concept of a highly immersive virtual world where people gather to socialise, play, and work. Evidently, this new world would engage retail and even real estate, so it is […]

All you need is data

big data

Who could have anticipated that life as we knew it was going to change dramatically in 2020? We have recently witnessed global issues that had a strong and sudden impact in economics, trade, politics and even community behaviours. In a globalised world where all industries and communities are connected, it is no longer possible to […]

Partners in crime transformation: how tech companies will transform CRE

“The real estate industry needs an absolute transformation. The old solutions are no longer fit for our new situation, we need new tools. I think the real estate world is going to undergo enormous changes soon. And there is a major opportunity for technology companies today.” Collaboration is vital in this new digital era. David […]

Digitising the commercial real estate industry

Digital transformation does not happen overnight. It takes resources, planning, collaboration and, most importantly, intent. Clearly, the new era imposes digital solutions, which can improve on businesses main drivers: income generation and asset appreciation. These tools will not only help companies improve their specialty leasing processes, but are already changing how the market is conceived. […]

Taking change by the horns

We are used to witnessing change as the years go by, but the current context has drastically accelerated many processes. Two major things can be deduced: retailers need to be aware of the disruption these changes have brought into the industry and they should also be on the alert to new trends so they can […]

From Physical Stores to Digital Presence and Vice Versa

In this world of technology and digitization, we often notice physical brands that decide to start having an online presence in order to reach a larger audience. However, this time we will go the opposite way: what are the reasons behind digitally native brands deciding to implement a physical footprint? In recent years, digital brands […]