Retail Predictions 2023

Changes in the retail terrain have been drastic over the last few years. As consumer prospects evolve, so must the client experience.   As the integration of the digital and physical world continues, brands need to evolve to catch up. By constantly redefining the way we shop and anticipating the trends for the future, brands can […]

Why are pop-up stores successful wherever they go?

Brands have decided to bet on pop-up stores to promote their products for a certain period of time. They are characterized by their exclusive character and strategic location but generally tend to be smaller. Fruit of putting the focus on the customer The success of these new establishments is rooted in the rise of the […]

Shopping centres, storefronts for brands.

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Learn about the advantages of ‘Specialty Leasing’ applied to this format The footfall of shopping malls, fully recovered from the ravages caused by the pandemic, has boosted their capacity as showcases for brand promotion. This has been confirmed by experts from CBRE’s Property Management Specialty Leasing area during an event held at the Xanadú Shopping […]

Blazing a new trail

We are really excited to share that we are now part of TF LABS! TheFringe/LABS is a startup factory focused on incubating and accelerating proptech and data driven tech startups.  TF/LABS launches and develops technological startups that will change the future of the market —which is why they believe in Book A Corner. Being experienced […]

Working together towards a common vision

We are very excited to announce that we continue our digitization journey by becoming part of the Revo Community and the French Council of Shopping Centers (CNCC), two of the largest associations of shopping centers in Europe. Let’s meet them in more detail! REVO Revo Community supports the interests and values of the whole retail, […]

Commercial Real Estate and the Digitization Process

As has been discussed in previous articles, technology and digital innovations have come to stay. And the most important benefit is that they can help companies improve their specialty leasing processes, which are increasingly highlighted by the situation we are currently experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A clear example: SERES, a leader of the […]

Evolving is already in the DNA of the commercial real estate sector

It comes as no surprise that consumer trends and habits keep changing, especially after the acceleration in digital transformation brought by the pandemic. Therefore, shopping centres and the retail sector should adapt and consider new suitable strategies. Evolution always takes time, so the moment to start thinking about the future is now. Innovation and forward-thinking […]

New trends and opportunities for retail

E-commerce is a rapidly growing phenomena nowadays, and it has intensified due to the recent global health crisis. As a result of the restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, customers were encouraged to implement online shopping and, according to a report by Backslash, TBWA, the future of retail is headed in that direction. It […]

Consumer buying behaviour and adaptability

What will the new normal be? It is still early to know if the consumer will adopt the behaviour from before the COVID-19 crisis one more time or to interpret which changes have come to stay. Undoubtedly, the transformations that consumer behaviour and habits present will need to be reflected in shopping centres and their […]

Key Concepts to Keep Growing

When we think about the future of property management during the post-Covid 19 era, it is essential to consider three key aspects: the omnichannel strategy, flexibility and sustainability. In the new environment the world is facing, it is important to create a balance between the different management channels and make the retail properties more flexible, so […]

The importance of Specialty Leasing in this new era

As has already been broadly discussed, the commercial real estate industry has been forced to adapt to a new and completely different reality from the one we used to know. It can be said with confidence that the most important challenge was finding the way to adapt to uncertainty: professionals in the shopping centre industry […]

A turning point in the retail industry, a new opportunity to grow

The “Becoming Retail” report was presented at the third meeting of the Retail Observatory in Spain, a forum for debate on the distribution and commerce sector organized by Salesforce, the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. As we have already discussed in one of our articles, one of its conclusions was that it is […]