Shopping centres, storefronts for brands.

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Learn about the advantages of ‘Specialty Leasing’ applied to this format The footfall of shopping malls, fully recovered from the ravages caused by the pandemic, has boosted their capacity as showcases for brand promotion. This has been confirmed by experts from CBRE’s Property Management Specialty Leasing area during an event held at the Xanadú Shopping […]

Keeping up with the future of shopping malls

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It is no news that shopping malls need to adapt and follow new consumer demands. With many radical changes accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, this industry should concentrate on providing an innovative experience. Currently, we find a more digital-based consumer who expects frictionless transactions, customised experiences, and elevated conveniences. These new purchase drivers demonstrate the […]

What does a specialty leasing management software have to offer?

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Most companies are definitely embracing new technologies to ease the burden of administrative tasks. Yet, the commercial real estate industry is falling behind and has not yet implemented these solutions broadly. If you don’t want to blindly follow the pack and are unsure whether this kind of software may help your business, here are eight […]

Specialty leasing is gaining ground

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For the last year, specialty leasing has shown a steady success and it is clear this tendency has come to stay. Even though traditional markets prioritised long-term contracts and conservative transactions, shopping malls are witnessing a great shift in the retail strategy. Now, specialty leasing increases by 12% in shopping centers. The commercial real estate […]

Before embarking on the leasing adventure…

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Leasing new, vacant or empty stores is always a major challenge. Apart from the location, design and supplies, business owners must take into account store permits, vacancies and labour. The leasing process may then become tiresome, long and even overwhelming. The pandemic can also make things harder, due to different terms and conditions in larger […]

Time to shuffle the cards and keep playing

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On this occasion, we are pleased to present the testimony of Gaetano Graziano, Deputy Executive Chairman “ADCC-Italia” Retail Real Estate Leasing & Shopping Centre Manager, Italy. Graziano shares his thoughts on the scenario real estate will face after the pandemic, new challenges and strategies to overcome them, and the incorporation of digital processes in companies. […]

The perks of having physical stores

specialty leasing, pop up stores, physical stores

We are constantly discussing the advantages of online shopping and e-commerce, but we should not forget about the importance of physical stores. Definitely having many options only a click away is really attractive, yet in-store operations also boost sales and brand awareness. One thing is for sure: after the covid-29 pandemic, physical stores will definitely […]

Big data, big opportunities

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It is no news that big data is radically changing almost all business processes. With the advent of new technology, bigger amounts of data are gathered more effectively than ever before ―and companies must take advantage of it. This dynamic is changing established ways of working within real estate. For instance, transaction data used in […]

Stores may pop and go, but specialty leasing has come to stay

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Specialty leasing implies setting up a temporary pop-up store, for instance, in shopping centers, office buildings or large supermarkets. It provides an excellent opportunity to reach your final consumer directly in a creative, unique and original way. Most brands are already embracing this trend to advertise their products and services in a different format. Specialty […]

Human interaction is at the core of a brand conversion experience

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Gastón Ortiz Ramos, CEO at Book A Corner, shares his perspective on attending two important commercial real estate events in the UK: the Revo Conference and Exhibition 2021 and the CREtech London. Normally, these venues imply many expectations and opportunities, but this year these were highlighted by the general excitement about sharing in-person events again. […]

The PropTech Market: On the top of the Real Estate world

After the last years of collective experience with COVID-19, the Real Estate industry is increasingly incorporating technology in its processes. Because of the lockdown, the real estate leaders had to rethink how physical assets are built and operated, while the construction sector has been trying to improve safety trends. Now that the bridge between real […]

Why is it time to implement a specialty leasing management software?

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How could you know when it is time to implement this powerful technology in your company? The short answer is now. However, if you are still not sure whether your business is ready, here are eight reasons that you should keep in mind when implementing a specialty leasing and asset management software: 1.  Optimization of […]